Fabrizio Basile gives us an authentic piece of Pantelleria history. He tells us that in Pantelleria children become familiar with the earth first and then with toys, evoking his childhood spent playing in the fields with his grandfather.
Basile, despite being one of the youngest winemakers on the island, holds the memories and knowledge of a highly experienced producer and farmer. Living in contact with the elderly on the island, great connoisseurs of the agricultural practice of the alberello vine, he was able to capture their gestures, skills and secrets, making them his own and storing them in a huge personal archive.
He illustrates some types of dry stone walls that make the landscape of Pantelleria unique, of the “mother”, of the recipe for preparing the Zibibbo grape jam as aunt Angiolina “de ‘u viscottu”.

Interiew by: Mariangela Bianco e Marco Bottigliero
Video by: Vincenzo Pascolo, Napoli Film Industry
Video Editing by: Paolo Barone, Napoli Film Industry
Document by: Mariangela Bianco
Subtitle ita by: Marco Bottigliero
Subtitle eng by: Francesca Magnani
Translation by: Francesca Magnani
Realized: 26/10/2022

Production of ethnographic video interviews for the populating of the Virtual Museum of the cultivation of “vite ad alberello” of Pantelleria, a UNESCO heritage site

Fabrizio Gaetano Basile

Year: 22/11/1975
City: Pantelleria (TP)
Profession: Wine grower and farmer
Language: Italian and and local dialect

Video table of contents

- 00:12:03 The wine culture that unites
- 00:00:41 The Pantelleria vine symbol
- 00:01:04 Material traces
- 00:03:56 The secrets of dry stone walls
- 00:06:21 Zibibbo jam and other memories of the foods of yesteryear

Geographic information

Country: IT
Region: Sicilia
City: Isola di Pantelleria, C.da Bukkuram S. Michele (Trapani)
Altitude: 836 m slm

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