Giorgia de Pasquale, a landscape architect, describes the cultural landscape of Pantelleria as a territory shaped by human hands, particularly through traditional agricultural practices, in this short video. Additionally, she presents a specially created itinerary that can be traveled by car or bicycle, which offers the opportunity to admire the agricultural areas of the island, taste the fruits of the vineyards, and learn more about the local culture through multimedia content accessible via QR codes.

Video Editing by: Paolo Barone, Napoli Film Industry
Document by: Mariangela Bianco
Subtitle ita by: Marco Bottigliero
Subtitle eng by: Francesca Magnani
Translation by: Francesca Magnani
Realized: 28/10/2022

Production of ethnographic video interviews for the populating of the Virtual Museum of the cultivation of “vite ad alberello” of Pantelleria, a UNESCO heritage site

Giorgia De Pasquale

Year: 26/09/1959
City: Roma
Education: Degree
Profession: Landscape architect
Language: Italian